Roundtable with Move - Inclusion and diversity

Diversity is a prerequisite for progress, innovation, and growth in organizations and society as a whole. By being open to new ideas and people who are different from ourselves, we can attract talents and competencies from all groups in society. By contrast, not taking advantage of the opportunities that non-homogeneous workplaces provide can ultimately lead to reduced competitiveness.

Therefore, a large number of programs are launched aimed at initiating and supporting inclusion and diversity. The intentions are good, but unfortunately, not all of these initiatives lead to success, according to a Harvard Business Review article: fail

Are diversity programs completely meaningless? If not, what is needed to give effect? And how can we contribute to inclusion and diversity ourselves? These questions are the starting point for Moves’ facilitated round table on inclusion and diversity; a unique opportunity to share ideas, experiences and gain new perspectives. A conversation where all participants have the same status and each voice weighs equally heavily.

Welcome to a conversation where you are guaranteed new contacts and insights.

Download the product sheet here: Roundtable with Move - Inclusion and diversity