Swedish Equestrian Federation

What did we want to do?

“The Riding Business School is an exclusive, customized program that develops the riding school as a business. It is aimed at riding school managers and chairmen who also want to develop themselves as managers. The focus of the program, which is run by Move Management, is on Communication and Leadership, and how to create motivation, engagement, structure, and success in your business. We also devote time to the sharing of experiences and explore financial and legal issues. We only use top-class trainers.”

What did we do (in partnership with Move)?

“Move met the participants during the first two days of the course and then asked for feedback towards the end of the course. The participants work on real-life cases and get direct feedback and a huge number of practical tools. Move’s trainers have an amazing ability to convey knowledge, create a great dynamic within the group and skillfully facilitate the transfer of knowledge between participants.”

What was the result?

“The ability to think on your feet when necessary is a very successful concept! Move’s trainer also has an amazing talent for motivation. You can tell he’s passionate about what he’s doing. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the participants and many of them have decided to employ Move both regionally and locally. Clearly, they are all managers and trainers themselves: many board members have high-level parallel careers and have high standards. I’ve been to all of the training sessions and I’ve always come away with new perspectives and tools. Move doesn’t deliver a standard concept, they identify the requirements and wishes in the room and then deliver based on these.”


“This was one of the most intensive and useful courses I’ve ever been to – and I’ve been on a lot. We came away with a whole range of new insights and techniques to use in our leadership. A whole set of tools for different requirements!

To manage other people, you have to understand both yourself and others. We all had to complete a DISC profile, which gave us a better understanding of and respect for each other’s differences. I remember in particular the tactful and valuable feedback we were given on our ”less appealing” qualities.

Our course leader created a really great atmosphere within the group and a network for the future. Everyone in the room grew, was engaged and took part. Whether they were extrovert or more reserved. It’s funny how my leisure interest in riding has given me and is also incorporated into, my professional career. I’ve just landed my first job as a manager – a step I would never have taken without this training.”

– Frida Winnerstig, chairman, Fintorp Riding Club