Peab Anläggning Syd

Our aim

“Peab is a construction company that combines innovation with professional expertise. We take care of our employees and want them to stay and grow with us. When Anläggning Syd took on 120 new employees from another business, we wanted to create joint training about employee responsibility in the business area. The aim was to build motivation, commitment, and participation so that all employees feel that they are part of influencing our development. We also wanted to spread responsibility and decision-making as far out in the organization as possible.”

What did we do (in partnership with Move)?

“Move started by training all the upper management in how to lead change, and then our employees were successively trained in change process work and employee responsibility. In total, we held eight 2-day courses with mixed groups of managers, white-collar workers, and craftsmen.

“During the courses, the participants were trained using communication, influence and feedback exercises, including looking how their own values and experiences influence their actions. The courses also included the theory and analysis of group dynamics – based on the participants’ own teams – and the understanding of what happens to people during change processes. This also included various elements of change that were linked to theory and private reflection. Finally, the groups were given training in conflict management and were given the task of training ‘live’ at work between the course meetings. In summary, Move’s educators moved smoothly between theory, reflection and practical exercises that were linked to the participants’ daily lives.”

What was the result?

“We put a great deal of effort into the training, which was held for all 700 employees in the region. It was truly a journey, but one that was absolutely necessary, and the results were fantastic! It was an a-ha experience that was a boost for many people, has built confidence and given us a greater understanding of each other. Change is easy when applied to others, but more difficult for oneself. Move’s course added another dimension for me: an understanding of how one can change. I’ve taken many positive stories with me, as new employees have quickly moved from a limited, administrative behavior to an unlimited, entrepreneurial behavior. People can make fantastic journeys and the enthusiasm that we got in return was incredible! I’ve taken part in many leadership courses over the years, both via work and via sports, but this was outstanding!”

– Berth Larsson, Manager with Peab Anläggning Syd (now Regional Manager for Peab Anläggning Väst)