What did we want to do?

“KPMG is built around hard-working, client-focused specialists who work on audits, tax, and advice. In a society and a sector that are both changing, we are investing heavily in developing our organization, and an important part of this is the role of the manager. Being a line manager with us is an important job, and our staff has asked for more time to focus on management. Consequently, we are keen to focus on, strengthen and develop both these managers and our other managers, who, in turn, will engage and motivate our employees. We want to create a management development program which makes an impression on each and every individual and which gives time for reflection, so the experience makes a difference in their day-to-day work.

The aim is to create an engaged organization, which lives our values on a daily basis: a culture in which communication and learning are important factors in success. Management development is a conscious investment linked to our business plan. We have a complex organization involving many different roles. Consequently, we’re keen to demonstrate that leadership is important and that it represents an interesting career path alongside the role of expert. It’s helpful to raise awareness that leads to a common perspective and approach during the change process.”

What did we do in partnership with Move?

“We wanted a partner that understood us and our business. Having met with a number of different suppliers, we chose Move, because we know them and because their approach and methods are scientifically based. KPMG’s high-performance work environment requires a supplier that inspires confidence. And that is certainly the case with Move. They deliver what the client requires, are secure in their knowledge and have the right experience, methodology, and personality.

We’ve organized two 6-day management programs, with a learning team. So far, 40 line managers from all over Sweden have taken part in the program and, after the summer, another 40 managers participated in the training. There are also separate programs for KPMG’s management and our HR staff. During the autumn, training will also be offered to other types of managers within the organization, such as project managers and contract managers. We are currently putting the finishing touches on these together with Move. We want to create a common feedback culture in order to enhance each other and, ultimately, KPMG as a whole.”

What was the result?

“A lot has happened with the people who participated in the program and we’ve had really positive feedback from our managers. Not least, the numerous practical tasks, on communication, for example, have been useful: “How do I operate? How do I communicate with others?” Experiences that are directly linked to day-to-day activities. The line managers also appreciated the learning sessions, which took place between the training days, where participants coached each other on real-life cases. Our managers found it hard to spare the time but said that the training was well worth the effort.

Move take the time to understand our culture, adapt and meet our employees where they are at the time. But they also make demands. They don’t just sell a concept, they focus on the client’s requirements and are keen to ensure that we achieve the objectives we’ve set ourselves for the investment we’re making – what a difference from other providers! We really appreciate the fact that they are straight with us, even when we don’t always want to hear it: ‘If it’s going to work, we have to do it like this’. Move’s staff are knowledgeable, professional and inspire confidence.”

– Maria Karlén, Director Human Resources, KPMG