What did we want to do?

“Ericsson is a big company with a wealth of knowledge. But the bigger the company gets, the harder it is to communicate this knowledge between different parts of the organization. So, when we wanted to develop the skills of around 40 project managers at Ericsson Lindholmen, we contacted Move Management, who had been recommended to us by Astra Zeneca and with whom we had worked successfully on a number of previous occasions. Amongst other things, some of our employees had been on a course on the KnowFame concept, which is about how project teams transfer knowledge to subsequent projects.”

We did we do (in conjunction with Move)?

“After Move had delivered an inspiring half-day seminar on knowledge transfer, we asked them to do three 2-day training courses on the theme ‘The art of learning from each other’ (learning, knowledge transfer, facilitation of meetings/workshops etc) for the entire group. The outcome of this was so positive that we subsequently arranged for a follow-up day, where, at one point, Move brought in a highly acclaimed theatrical trainer who took us into uncharted territory in the area of behavior and communication, and we also explored cultural differences in an international work environment. We arranged for a further follow-up day, where we learned new ways of approaching interaction and dialogue and conflict management and were given feedback training. All in all, over the course of a year, we took part in a three-stage process, which, as well as knowledge and practical training, gave us the opportunity to reflect, consolidate and – not least – talk about our experiences since the first training session.”

What was the result?

“Move and their partners bring energy and a touch of spontaneity to the proceedings – things never get boring. They are highly professional and have a deep knowledge of the area they’re dealing with. If you ask a question, you’ll always get a good answer; there’s always MORE to learn, which is great. They can elaborate on and explore almost any issue, which is more than most standard trainers can do. We also got the opportunity to discuss real-life situations, which requires the trainers to have both experience and the ability to improvise. I can highly recommend Move as a training company and I think lots of people, both within Ericsson and outside the organization, would really benefit from this kind of training. Many of the people who took part in the training have since said that they’ve noticed a big difference in the organization.”

– Lars G Berggren, project manager and client, Ericsson AB