Chalmers University of technology

“Really intelligent advice – from start to finish.”

“Three keywords come to mind: intelligent – bold – sensitive. Other companies have a delivery rationale that essentially serves the consultancy’s own ends. Move take a different approach. They actually help people and make things work, right the way down the line. The word ‘effective’ doesn’t do it justice – what you get from Move is really intelligent advice. Move dare to say ‘no’ if a client doesn’t like what they’re saying. They dare tell it as it is – and that’s a real sign of quality.”

What was the result?

“I went on Move’s facilitation course. It’s an intensive course led by charismatic trainers and is very direct in its approach. The course leaders have the courage to tell you what you need to know, which develops you as an individual. Thanks to their intelligent, sensitive approach, the result is radically higher efficiency. If there are objections from the group, the course leaders have the knowledge and courage to deal with the issue – they take the queries on board, consider them and come back with an answer. The course is also more science-based than many other courses – but it’s also practical, both in terms of its content and its impact.”

– Jan Wickenberg, PhD, Lecturer, Researcher, Chalmers University of Technology