3M Speedglas™Gagnef

“BBS and Safe Habits have made the staff open their eyes to safe actions in everyday life at work.”

Mona Lingemyr, 3M Speedglas™ Gagnef

The engineer Åke Hörnell developed the auto-darkening filter Speedglas in 1976 and founded Hörnell Elektrooptik in Gagnef in 1980, which later became Hörnell International. Over time, the company became the world leader in LCD technology-based welding helmets. In 2004, the company was purchased by the US 3M Group.

Today, the 150 employees at 3M Speedglas ™, besides welding helmets, also produce the award-winning Adflo fresh air fan, which the welder uses together with his or her Speedglas helmet.

High accident rates that needed to be reduced

The origin of the introduction of BBS was that, for a long time, 3M Speedglas had wrestled with relatively high accident rates that the top management in the US wanted to bring down. In the US, they have been working with BBS for a long time and wanted to implement it also in Sweden.

-We heard from 3M PELTOR ™ in Värnamo that they got help from Move Management and Ulf Dennholt with implementing BBS and Safe Habits and that they were very pleased with the cooperation, so we decided to also contact Ulf Dennholt, says Mona Lingemyr, who is an engineer and works with safety at 3M Speedglas.

The first thing that happened at 3M Speedglas after Move Management came into the picture was that Ulf Dennholt trained a “Champion” and so-called “amplifier” who in turn trained department after department in BBS, with support from Ulf Dennholt and Move.

The biggest challenge when implementing BBS?

According to Mona Lingemyr, the biggest challenge was to bring the “amplifiers” into the process. They were positive to BBS but did not always realize that they needed to “prioritize a number of minutes per week” to talk to their colleagues and support the work with Safe Habits.

-The amplifiers are crucial for the implementation of BBS to be successful. When there is a lot to do in production it is easy to lose Safe Habits, then the amplifier’s commitment is extremely important, says Mona Lingemyr.

At 3M Speedglas they have experienced that it takes a while before you get the core groups to take ownership of the implementation of BBS. And that is probably because the core groups are used to being controlled by their boss.

Despite some initial challenges, however, the introduction of BBS and Safe Habits has worked very well and the number of accidents has decreased significantly.

-Our experience is that it is because BBS and Safe Habits have made the staff open their eyes to safe actions in everyday life at work. There is a big difference in mindset today compared to the past. We even get to hear that people are thinking more about security even at home. The fact that the implementation has become so successful has a lot to do with the cooperation with Move, which has worked very well, says Mona Lingemyr.

The news about the BBS project and its success have spread and Move Management now also has a BBS collaboration with 3M SlipNaxos Västervik. All 3M factories World Wide has since 2017 been commissioned to carry out BBS as part of their target.