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A unique digital support tool for developing teams and strengthening their results.

According to Stanford researcher B.J. Fogg we need three things to impement lasting behavioral changes: Motivation, ability and ongoing “triggers” – that is, reminders/admonitions.

Team development activities or other forms of training or intervention often create motivation and ability. But when it comes to everyday life, the new behaviors fall easily into oblivion.

Here Teambook can help. Teambook is a well-proven digital tool, a cloud service that works on all digital platforms and is tailored to each team. It supports, follows up, measures, and reminds you of the triggers you set up. Teambook is simply a tool that drives development and makes it sustainable in the long term and part of everyday culture. Most teams using Teambook increase their measurable collaboration efficiency by ten percent.

Teambook is primarily developed and tailored for team development but has several other uses. Some of them:

  • After an employee survey, an action plan can be followed up.
  • In goal management – even when it comes to soft goals such as ”I like to work at my job” or ”I work well enough”.
  • In work with values – linked to measurable behaviors tied to the core values.
  • Go from training to development. Training can be followed up with tasks that move the theory forward to practical action and reflection in everyday life.

Do you want to be more effective in your teams? Contact Karolin Kronander who is responsible for Teambook at Move. You can reach her at karolin@move.se or +46 707 94 19 25.

P.S. Here is a scientific article about Fogg Behavior Model: Fogg Behavior Model.pdf (548.04 K)