We support

“A braver and more fun world.”

Ever since the start, we have had a vision at Move; to create a braver and more fun world. A world where people believe in themselves and are given the right conditions to make a real difference. Therefore, we gladly support various projects aimed at releasing people’s true potential.



2017 we took one step closer to our vision and set up Move Passionship. A form of scholarship through which we support and highlight artists who also want to create a braver and more fun world. Who uses his or her art to express and convey the vision with conviction, passion, enthusiasm and innovative thinking.

The winner 2017, Timja Femling: http://timjafemling.com
The winner 2018, Emma Tingård: http://www.emmatingard.com



”I think I should stay there until I grow old”
– Agnes

Move is the main sponsor for KCE, Kibera Children Education, a Sweden-based non-profit organization that creates the conditions for all children in Nairobi’s slum area Kibera to have access to education. At KCE, Move continuously finances a library to which the children can go after school to study in a quiet environment, and where there are also reliable adults.

Read more about KCE at http://www.kiberace.com. Maybe you want to become a sponsor yourself!