Privacy Policy
Move D Management AB
Version 1.0, May 2018

Move Management shall have a proactive approach and a professional framework for how our information about personal data is handled, and that it is done securely and correctly. Information security around personal data should be high, as it is business-critical for the business. We ensure that all personal data is always protected in our systems and that the processing complies with all applicable data protection rules, internal guidelines and procedures.
Personal data includes all information that can be used to identify an individual. Examples of this may be basic information such as names and social security numbers but also contact information and photos.
We may update this information text, for example, if we were to process data for new purposes, collect additional information, or share information with recipients other than those listed here. In that case, you will receive updated information where the changes appear and agree to them. The latest version of the information is always published on our website,

Customers include the companies, organizations and persons who enter into agreements with Move Management and/or its subcontractors and purchase services in, among other things leadership, communication, coaching and facilitation.

Where do we collect personal data?
Personal data is largely collected via our digital platforms but should also be processed correctly in other parts of the business, such as in customer communication, support matters and administration.
Move Management strives to always process your data in the EU/EEA area. In cases where your data would be used outside the EU, e.g. by one of our service providers, we always ensure that there are safeguards, such as data transfer agreements, in place so that the recipients process the data in the same secure manner as we do.

Why do we process personal data?
Move Management processes personal data to handle the purchase of services, for example by signing agreements, sending confirmations, invoicing and following up on business and ensuring that we have delivered according to the agreement.
Recipients with whom information is shared
In some cases, we need to share personal information with other recipients. If we share personal data, the recipient is responsible as a starting point for handling the data securely and correctly.

We share personal data with:
Aktiebolaget Skillnad AB
CoachWalk AB
Samuraj Data AB
Interactive Profiles AB
Lundgren + Lindqvist AB

Management of corporate customers
Move Management processes information about the person who is a representative or contact person for a corporate customer to manage the relationship with the corporate customer. This information is processed, for example, to register it as a substitute or contact person in Move Management’s customer register.

Request management
Move Management processes customer data to handle inquiries, send quotations and communicate with the customer in different channels.

Carrying out events
Move Management processes customer data to be able to carry out events by registering participants in various digital platforms.

Follow-up and evaluation
Move Management processes information submitted at the end of the assignment, such as through evaluations, for follow-up and compilation.

Cookies are small files that are loaded into the computer’s memory or placed on the user’s computer to improve reading and search on our website. We use cookies to increase the usability of our website.

As a customer, you have certain rights attached to your data stored at Move Management. You have the right, among other things, to obtain a register extract with personal data and have your data corrected or deleted within 72 hours. You can read more about the Data Protection Regulation and what rights you have on the Swedish Data Protection Authority’s website.

Deadline for deletion
We undertake to automatically, under the current agreement, to eliminate deactivated organization/team /group /users, including backups. This involves the deletion of all personal data, except for statistical data, which is anonymized. Administrative tasks, outside of digital platforms, should also be eliminated within 12 months after the end of a customer relationship or assignment.

If you have any questions about the processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact us. If you are not satisfied with the answer you have received, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

Move Management AB
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Contact: Matilda Cervin
Phone: +46 736 41 77 98

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