Our view of people and organisations

The name Move alludes to change and movement, but also concetrated effort and readiness. Move also means touch - something we constantly strive to do in our assignments. Five words that say a lot about what we do.

We discussed it all properly, shook hands with a smile and started Move Management AB. The aim was and is to always deliver consistently high quality and constantly be at the forefront with the help of our own and others’ research. Also, show sincere respect and care for the customer and also offer a personal touch in everything we do, both digitally and analogously.

We believe in the power of every human being and thus in every organization. When people feel good and dare to do more, the step is not far to make whole companies and organizations grow and develop. We always give a lot of ourselves in our assignments. Presence is total.


If you want to develop and move your business from A to B or manage existing activities in the best way, then we at Move Management ensure that the individuals in the business have a clear picture of what is to be achieved. Also an explicit motivation, the right skills, and the right methods and tools to be able to contribute optimally on the journey.

We analyze, diagnose, design a structure, implement and follow up. All in close cooperation with you.

Move is currently more than 30 individuals who, with long experience, great collective competence, a personal approach and a long line of proven effective tools, make change happen. And with the help of our digital follow-up tool, we ensure long-term effects.

We take on every mission with courage, awareness, consideration, and desire. Perhaps that is why almost a hundred percent of our customers also choose us for their next assignment.

How can we help you move yourself and your organization?