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Leadership is something you do – it’s not a skill you’re born with. Leadership is something you can learn, a skill to be developed.

The demands placed on today’s managers are high. Yesterday, it was enough to be an analyst and a strategist. Today, a manager also has to be an empathizer, a motivator and a brilliant communicator. Moreover, our society often rewards a short-term approach. But a good leader must also take a long-term perspective and have a desire to look after the people in the organization.

The first step towards confident leadership is to understand yourself. Only then can you understand others. This requires self-knowledge, self-discipline and the ability to adapt – and the realization that your needs and feelings in a specific situation don’t always guarantee that you will make the right decision. A confident leader will therefore adjust their leadership to each individual situation.

At Move, we develop leaders according to their own specific challenges. Whether it be self-awareness, communication skills, understanding group dynamic processes or knowing how to generate creativity, participation and learning in organizations. We coach individual managers, develop management teams, offer consultancy services and deliver customized leadership training.

Alexandra Thomas is responsible for Leadership at Move. When you contact Alexandra, she will listen to the background details you give her and use them to identify your specific requirements. You can email her at alexandra@move.se or call her on +46 737 802 668.