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The way you communicate within a business – and its efficiency – is crucial to a company’s success.

The demands placed on managers have changed over the past few decades. Nowadays, it’s not enough to be a brilliant strategist and a first-rate analyst – modern managers also have to relate to their employees and build relationships to enthuse, motivate and engage.

It’s not enough for employees to understand the company’s vision, values and objectives, they must also feel engaged and involved. This requires good communication at several different levels.

At Move, we work on a number of key areas: from management communication, internal communication and communication in the event of a change to presentation skills, rhetoric and how to define and communicate values. As always, we adapt the services we offer according to your needs.

We often run workshops for groups of managers/employees, deliver long or short training courses or provide ongoing consultancy services.

Lars Leiram is responsible for Communication at Move. When you contact Lars, he will listen to what you tell him and use that background to identify your specific requirements.  You can email him at lars@move.se or call him on + 46 733 601 718.