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One of the most powerful tools, to understand yourself and make conscious choices, is coaching . It allows you to develop your way of thinking, being and learning .

When did you last allow yourself time to reflect and to really think about how you want your life to be – both at home and at work? Have you fulfilled your dreams? Are you ready to make conscious new choices and to challenge yourself again?

Coaching is one of the most powerful tools available for helping you to understand yourself and make conscious choices. It allows you to change the way you think, act and learn. At Move, we adopt a coaching approach for all levels and we are all certified coaches.

Very often, it’s more about asking the right questions than giving the right answers. For a manager, adopting a coaching approach helps others to grow and evolve. They become more self-aware, feel confident in themselves and dare to take steps that previously they wouldn’t even have considered. And, at the same time, they become more independent, giving you more time to lead.

Charlotta Klacker is responsible for Coaching at Move. When you contact Charlotta, she will listen to the background you give her and use it to identify your specific requirements. You can email her at charlotta@move.se or call her on +46 706 20 40 95.