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It’s often obvious why change is needed. How to achieve it, on the other hand, is often less straightforward...

Move will guide you on your journey. We will enhance your ability to make conscious choices and to understand your organization, enabling you to manage the change effectively. By challenging well-established practices, keeping what works and supporting managers and employees, you’ll achieve your goal without running out of steam.

We will develop your ability to manage change in a way that delivers lasting results. In other words, once we’ve completed our part of the process, the skills will remain within your organization – the key to success. With us, you’ll get the job done properly.

Karolin Kronander is responsible for Change at Move. When you contact Karolin, she will listen to what you tell her and use the information to identify your specific requirements. You can email her at karolin@move.se or call her on +46 707 94 19 25.