Our view of people and organisations

We have a passionate belief in the enormous potential that exists in every human being and thereby in every organisation. We are totally driven by our desire to help people and organisations to feel better, grow and develop.

We thought everything through deeply, shook hands with a smile and started Move Management. We decided to deliver consistently high quality, stay leading edge players with the help of our own and others’ research, show genuine respect and care for our clients and offer a personal touch in all we do.

Together with our clients we discover new approaches and let confident management and engaged co-workers forge a creative and developing organisation.

A key reason why near 100 percent of our clients choose us again for a new assignment is that we see our clients as personalities, not accounts. And although we fervently believe in starting with concrete facts, we continuously dare to think ‘out of the box’ to surprise and delight. It is then we succeed in touching people in an organisation and create the right conditions for real development and change.

Our name Move symbolises change and transformation, as well as building strength and readiness. Move also implies touching, something we constantly strive towards when implementing our assignments. Five words that say a lot about what we do.