It is the people who create success

Nothing is harder than soft values

We develop strong leaders and organizations. We balance the hard values with the compassionate, the rational with the emotional.

Why should you give more feedback?

Research shows that feedback given in the right way contributes to development, learning, improved performance, and a positive work environment. Yet, we often use it less frequently than we think.
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Here's how we can contribute

We support you in developing leadership, culture, and collaboration through tailored leadership programs, team development, executive team development, and coaching. We are a strategic partner, working alongside you to improve the leadership needed to achieve business strategy and set goals. We develop leadership that delivers results.

Case stories

References from previous assignments

Axis Communications AB
Research shows that organizations that consciously develop their leaders and employees see both stronger and faster growth. Axis Communications invests in its leaders and works long-term to create a learning culture with good leadership in focus.
Valneva AB
"Together with Move, we developed the training "Lead without being a boss" for the employees and "Outstanding Leadership" for the managers."
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Case stories PEAB
"I have many sunshine stories with me from these years where new employees went from limited managerial behavior to unlimited entrepreneurial behavior in a short time."

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