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Case Peab Anläggning

Our Objective

“Peab is a construction and civil engineering company that combines innovation with craftsmanship. We care about our employees and want them to stay and grow with us. In connection with Anläggning Syd receiving 120 new employees from another operation, we wanted to create a common training in employee skills for the business area. The purpose was to build motivation, engagement, and participation so that all employees feel they are involved in influencing our development. We also wanted responsibility and decisions to be made as far down in the organization as possible.”

What did we do (together with Move)?

“Move started by training all senior managers in change management, and then our employees were gradually trained in change work and employee skills. In total, we conducted eight 2-day training sessions with mixed groups of site managers, office workers, and craftsmen.

During these days, participants were trained in communication, influence, and feedback exercises, including how their own values and experiences influence their actions. The training also included theory and analysis of group dynamics – based on the participants’ own teams – as well as an understanding of what happens to people during change. The pedagogy included various change elements linked to theory and self-reflection. Finally, the group was trained in conflict management and tasked with practicing real-life situations at work between training sessions. In summary, Move’s trainers smoothly transitioned between theory, reflection, and practical exercises linked to participants’ everyday lives.”

What was the outcome?

“We invested a lot of effort into the training, which ultimately was carried out for all 700 employees in the region. It was truly a journey, but it was entirely necessary, and the outcome was fantastic! It was an eye-opening experience that has lifted many, built trust, and given us a greater understanding of each other. Change is easy when it concerns others but harder for yourself. Move’s training gave me a completely different dimension; an understanding of how change can be achieved. I have many success stories from these years where new employees quickly shifted from limited managerial behavior to unlimited entrepreneurial behavior. People can make incredible journeys, and the engagement we received in return was incredible! I have attended many leadership training sessions over the years, both through work and through sports, but this was outstanding!

Peab, About the collaboration

Berth Larsson

Site manager, Peab Anläggning Syd (today Regionchef Peab Anläggning Väst)

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