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Coaching is a powerful tool aimed at helping individuals and groups achieve their goals, maximize their potential, and develop self-awareness. By working with a professional coach, you can receive support and guidance to address challenges, create change, and grow on both personal and professional levels. Coaching is all about creating a meaningful and effective process for personal development and performance. It is one of the most powerful tools for self-understanding and making conscious choices. Coaching provides an opportunity to develop your way of thinking, being, and learning.

Customized Solutions for Your Development

At Move, we offer tailored coaching services that adapt to your and your organization’s needs. Our experienced coaches always strive to unleash our clients’ full potential, identify goals, and create meaningful results. Through individual sessions, group coaching, and digital support, we aim to promote both personal and professional development. We use tools such as 360-degree feedback and behavior and communication profiles to gain deeper insight and understanding, both for yourself and others. Our goal is to create rewarding and lasting changes that lead to increased well-being and success.

Certified coaches at Move

Us working at Move are certified coaches, providing the highest level and quality in coaching, coaching supervision, executive coaching, and coaching leadership. Our solutions are tailored to individual and organizational needs, ranging from individual sessions at various organizational levels to three-party and group sessions with the manager. A common process includes five sessions spread over time with digital support between sessions for reflection and follow-up. For deeper understanding and increased self-awareness, we use tools such as 360-degree feedback and behavior and communication profiles. Move also offers training in the coaching approach and coaching leadership, providing you with the tools needed to coach others. The purpose of coaching is to develop people, unlock potential, find answers, and create internal motivation. It is an effective tool that helps us develop our way of thinking, our feelings, and how we do things, as well as who we are—all with the aim of creating meaning and results for you and your organization.

Different types of coaching and the coach's role

Within coaching, there are various specializations catering to specific areas, such as personal coaching, leadership coaching, and executive coaching. A personal coach focuses on individual personal goals and development, while a leadership coach helps leaders improve their leadership skills and develop their teams as desired. Executive coaching focuses on supporting executives in their specific challenges and developmental needs. The role of a coach involves creating a trusting and open environment where the client can explore various issues, identify possible solutions, and formulate action plans for success.

How does coaching work?

An effective coaching process begins by creating a safe and trusting relationship between the coach and the client. Using various coaching techniques and tools such as questions, reflection, and feedback, the coach helps you, the client, explore your own thought patterns, behaviors, and beliefs to gain insights and make changes. Coaching employs open and exploratory questions to challenge the client’s thought patterns, increase awareness, and promote personal growth.

Boundaries and expectations

Coaching is not suitable for all situations, such as deep psychological or medical issues. If an individual needs therapeutic support or specialized medical assistance, it’s important to refer them to appropriate professionals in those fields. Coaching works best when the person being coached is motivated and ready to actively work on their own development. Openness and a willingness to explore and make changes are required for coaching to be effective.

The impact and results of coaching

Research in coaching shows it as an effective method for promoting personal and professional development. By allowing individuals to explore their thought patterns and behaviors, coaching creates insights that can serve as catalysts for change. Coaching not only leads to increased self-awareness but also promotes responsibility and goal-oriented behavior, often resulting in positive outcomes and improved performance. Studies have shown that coaching can lead to increased confidence, improved leadership skills, and better handling of challenges. By choosing a qualified and experienced coach, you ensure that the coaching process is rewarding and leads to the desired results.

Coaching for managers and leaders: Optimizing leadership

Coaching for managers and leaders is a specialized form focusing on optimizing the capacity of leaders and promoting successful leadership. The demands and expectations on leaders are high, making coaching an indispensable resource and support. By working with an experienced coach, managers and leaders can develop their skills, handle complex challenges, and navigate through changing work environments. This form of coaching is designed to support leaders on their journey to becoming inspiring and effective role models in their organizations.


The purpose of coaching is to unlock potential and create change and meaning for individuals and organizations. Coaching is a powerful tool for both personal and professional development. A coach can help you create space for reflection in a trusting environment where you can explore and solve the problems and questions you’re facing. According to research, coaching promotes self-awareness, leading to increased performance. At Move, we offer tailored coaching solutions performed by experienced and certified coaches, always based on your or your group’s needs. Coaching optimizes your capacity as a leader and provides keys and tools to develop your leadership. In addition to individual and group coaching, Move also offers training in the coaching approach and coaching leadership.

Do you want to develop in your role as a leader? Do you have challenges that you need support with? Perhaps you are stuck in a situation, need new perspectives on how to engage and motivate your employees, or maybe you are new to your role? Through coaching, you can receive professional support to aid your development.

Contact us today to learn more about how our coaching can help you and your organization develop, achieve goals, and create results.


  • What is coaching?
    Coaching is a method for personal and professional development where a coach supports and guides the client in achieving their goals through reflection, goal-setting, and strategic planning. The process focuses on allowing the client to find solutions themselves and increasing awareness to contribute to personal growth and success.
  • How does a coaching conversation work?
    A coaching conversation involves the coach using open questions and active listening to help the client explore their thoughts and feelings. The goal is to support the client in finding their own solutions, setting goals, and creating an action plan. The coach provides feedback and guidance without dictating solutions, aiming to increase the client’s self-awareness and contribute to personal development.
  • What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?
    Mentoring involves an experienced individual sharing their knowledge and experiences with a less experienced person to provide guidance and advice. On the other hand, coaching involves a more egalitarian interaction where a coach supports the client by using questions and reflection to encourage self-learning and personal development. While mentoring focuses on knowledge transfer, coaching emphasizes self-exploration and problem-solving ability in the client.
  • What is group coaching?
    Group coaching involves a coach working with a group of people simultaneously to promote collaboration, enhance group dynamics, and support individual and collective development. The process includes addressing group goals, fostering open communication, and using coaching techniques to support each individual in the group.

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