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Effektiv feedback

Why should you give more feedback?

Research shows that feedback given in the right way contributes to development, learning, improved performance, and a positive work environment. Yet, we often use it less frequently than we think.

All about situational leadership

Situational leadership means adapting leadership to the specific needs of a situation. Read more about situational leadership here.

Why should you give more feedback?

Feedback is an effective tool for you as a manager and leader. But what do you need to keep in mind to leave effective feedback? Read more here!

Build trust to achieve success

As a leader, do you want your employees to collaborate, share ideas and work together to achieve common goals? The probability of this increases if your employees feel trust in you and in each other.

Psychological Safety – for Well-being and Attractive Workplaces

Psychological safety can be defined differently depending on which perspective we start from - individual, group or organization. The common denominator is a subjective experience of a safe work context. In one, everyone can say what they think and think without being afraid of negative consequences.

Invest in Personal Development – and Become a Better Leader!

Are you stuck in your managerial role? Then it may be time to get the tools that will take you further. "It is by training soft values ​​that you achieve results, even on the bottom line," says Maria Narbom, CEO of Move Management.

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