Case Valneva

Case Valneva started in 2017, an initiative primarily focused on Valneva’s desire to implement a leadership program where all managers would be offered the same foundation and tools to establish a shared and stable base.

It was also important for us to reward our employees. We wanted to provide them with training and equip them with tools for their daily work.

Simultaneously, we needed to work on our culture and values.

We chose Move as our collaborative partner because Move is a dynamic company that views knowledge as perishable goods. We believe that Move can truly facilitate people’s progress.

How did Move Management help address your challenges/needs?

Together with Move, we developed the training “Leading Without Being a Manager” for employees and “Outstanding Leadership” for managers. Each training program was accompanied by a tailored book used both during and after the training. We chose to mix participants from different departments to enhance networking among participants and increase understanding of each other’s work. Throughout the training sessions, we utilized Move’s tool “Team Quality Survey.” Through this, we measured teams’ strengths and weaknesses to identify areas for further improvement for each group. New needs emerged along the way. This led us, in collaboration with Move, to create a separate training program for Team Leaders and a condensed version of the leadership program for newly hired managers, “Catch up – new leader.”

What were the effects afterward and what do you see ahead in the organization?

The trainings have been highly appreciated and received excellent evaluations from our employees. They have also fostered new networks, with many still maintaining connections between departments to this day. In the Team Quality Survey measurements, we have seen improvements at the company level. The most important aspect for us is to ensure that the work on team development continues, both independently by the teams themselves and with the assistance of Move, to keep the knowledge alive. We also follow up with Leadership training for managers every year, where the content is developed jointly with Move in consultation with the CEO and employees.

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Valneva, About the collaboration

Elisabeth Ohadian

Director Human Resources Nordics, Valneva AB

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