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What do you aim to achieve with your leadership programs?

We aim to continue working on our leadership culture and provide our leaders with the right conditions and a shared mindset. Leadership culture is as important as building organizational culture. It is the engine that drives us forward. For us, leadership culture is about how leaders engage and interact with each other as well as their employees. It’s about how they operate, communicate, and make decisions. By creating and nurturing leaders, we also create employees who feel secure to challenge and directly shape how things move forward, help structure the company’s goals, and play a vital role in the personal and professional development of their own colleagues and employees.

How do you experience the collaboration with Move?

We appreciate our close collaboration and that both parties are open to challenging and being challenged. We never settle; we have a common ambition to constantly improve. MOVE has extensive knowledge about Axis as a company, our culture, and values. Professional program leaders whom we have great trust in.

What do you perceive participants take away from the program, i.e., what effects/results/changes do you see (or do they themselves talk about)?

Primarily, it’s about the network. Having the opportunity to get to know colleagues from different functions gives participants a sense of being part of something bigger; they feel invited & motivated to drive the company forward, that they are involved in creating the culture. Additionally, they acquire a toolbox that they can use in their daily leadership. The future leaders at Axis

Research shows that organizations that consciously develop their leaders and employees see both stronger and faster growth. Axis Communications invests in its leaders and works long-term to create a learning culture with good leadership in focus.

Investing in its leaders and encouraging them to share insights, thoughts, and ways forward in a safe environment creates learning for both individuals and the organization. Move has been part of Axis’s journey for several years, and we are delighted to see such excellent results.

Below, Camilla Johansson, learning and development lead at Axis, shares what the leadership program has meant for Axis and how the leadership culture plays a key role in the company’s growth and well-being.

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