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What challenges/needs led you to contact Move Management?

In 2017, Bonava had a need to harmonize leadership across all European countries. Partly to create a shared understanding and a common language regarding leadership, and partly to achieve greater awareness and better adherence to our Core Values.

The efforts also aimed to share best practices in leadership and thereby strengthen Bonava’s leadership culture, with the goal of making the leadership profile more vibrant and not just a product on paper.

How did Move Management help address your challenges/needs?

Move Management initiated a European effort involving a large portion of our line managers over a period of three years. The efforts had spin-off effects by identifying additional areas and target groups in need of related training and competence enhancement.

Development programs such as “LEAD,” “Sustainable Bonava,” “Personal Leadership,” and “Leading Without Being a Manager” were mainly implemented in Sweden, but also for our managers and employees in other European countries where we operate.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, all efforts were moved to digital platforms, and since then, we have continued to develop our digital training offerings to continue reaching participants, both in Sweden and we have also had the opportunity to include participants working from other countries in Europe.

What was the effect afterward, and what do you see ahead in the organization?

Both the “LEAD” program and “Leading Without Being a Manager” have been highly appreciated and in demand. We even needed to introduce a nomination process because the demand was so high. Afterwards, an internal survey was conducted via Brilliant, where we could see that the leaders who participated in “LEAD” had elevated results in leadership indices.

“Leading Without Being a Manager” has helped many of our employees with informal leadership roles to manage various types of situations they face and has equipped them with skills.

“Leading Without Being a Manager” has also been part of a larger internal program, where the leadership components received the highest ratings among all programs that the participants attended.

Bonava, About the collaboration

Frida Casslind

Learning & Development Specialist, Bonava

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