Självledarskap - hur fungerar det?

Self-leadership – how does it work?

It’s about directing your thoughts and behaviors towards goals. This involves an understanding of the current situation, the desired state, and what you can do to get there. Put simply, it’s about understanding what you need to do, prioritizing in what order, and ensuring you have the right conditions to do it. Something you probably already do every day, but how can you create conditions to develop and strengthen self-leadership?

A complex external environment demands increased personal leadership

Efficiently navigating a fast-paced and complex external environment with constant distractions and information overload requires our ability to lead ourselves, to be aware of our goals, motivation, and values.

Clear values are a prerequisite for self-leadership to function. Only when you are aware of your values, needs, and driving forces can you lead yourself, set engaging goals, and navigate in the right direction.

Reflection – a method for development

By reflecting, you give yourself the opportunity to identify and focus on what makes you feel good, your driving forces, and what is important to you. A proven method that strengthens yourself and enables development and learning. Regular reflection brings you closer to yourself, your values, and driving forces.

When you are aware of your values and driving forces, it becomes easier to prioritize what is important, reducing friction, energy leaks, and stress. You will be better able to make conscious and willful choices and lead yourself based on what matters to you.

6 ways to train self-leadership:

  • Reflect regularly and structurally
  • Train presence for increased awareness through practices like mindfulness
  • Make active and conscious choices
  • Focus on what you can influence
  • Take responsibility for your needs, set boundaries, and plan time for recovery
  • Seek help from a coach – coaching is a powerful tool for development

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