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A unique digital support tool for developing individuals and leaders.

According to Stanford researcher B.J. Fogg we need three things to impement lasting behavioral changes: Motivation, ability and ongoing “triggers” – that is, reminders/admonitions.

Training or other types of efforts often create motivation and ability. But when it comes to everyday life, the new behaviors fall easily into oblivion.

Here you have Mebook; a well-proven digital tool, which, by being a cloud service, works on all digital platforms and is tailored for each individual. Mebook provides tasks, follows up, measures and supports an individual’s development in everyday life, at work. Both in an individual context or in, for example, a leadership program. This with a unique 360 Special.

And it works. According to a study by Malmö University, the goal achievement was 38 percent higher for the individuals who used Mebook as support, compared to those who did not use any support at all.

Mebook has a number of uses – some of them:

  • Coaching support – Mebook supports the individual between coaching opportunities.
  • In a management program – with Mebook you can easily manage a group of leaders, create preparatory and follow-up tasks, make 360 surveys – and at the same time follow up on individual goals.
  • Turn training to development. Training can be followed up with tasks that move from theory to practical action and reflection in everyday life.
  • In change processes – Mebook helps you follow up on desirable behavior of key people in change process work.

Do you want to be more effective in your individual development? Karolin Kronander is responsible for Mebook at Move. You can reach her at karolin@move.se or+46 707 94 19 25.

P.S. Here is a scientific article about Fogg Behavior Model: Fogg Behavior Model.pdf (548.04 K)