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Leadership is a craft - not a skill you are born with. This means leadership is something you can actually learn.

No one is born to be a leader – but we can all learn to become leaders, provided that there is a will. *

Globalization and digitization create a complex environment with a rapid pace of change. This places great demands on the leaders’ flexibility, communication ability and ability to ask the right questions.

And not only that; a conscious leader must understand himself, his or her own and others’ behaviors and be able to use the insights wisely, to achieve the goals of the organization. Some people are born with all these abilities … or? We do not agree. Leadership is a craft that we learn through training and practical exercise.

At Move, leaders get help to develop based on their specific talents and their work conditions. It can be anything from getting better self-insight to understanding how to promote creativity and participation in the organization.

We coach individual leaders, develop management teams and tailor leadership training. We have extensive experience from assignments in both private organizations and companies, as well as municipalities and county councils. Here we have worked a lot with, among other things, leadership in healthcare.

Are you a leader but want to be better in your role or do you have the ambition to become a leader and do not know where to start? Or are you a group that together want to develop your leadership abilities to take your organization forward? Then Ann-Sofie Gustafsson can help. She is responsible for the Leadership area at Move. You can email her at ann-sofie@move.se or call her on + 46 708 881 240

*Warren Bennis 1999