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For us, facilitation is about simplifying and streamlining meetings to achieve solid results.

Only half of all participants in Swedish companies think their meetings are good. *

In a study done by svenskamoten.se, only half of the 1047 interviewed people answered that the eight hours of meetings they attended each week were well spent time. What brought down the meeting quality was, among other things, the lack of clear objectives and goals, as well as ambiguity about decisions.

An effective remedy for substandard meetings is facilitation; an approach that facilitates simplifies and streamlines meetings and allows everyone to speak in true inclusive spirit. Through facilitation, we guide a group of individuals towards a common goal in a handy but responsive way.

The process strengthens the group’s desire and ability to reach where the members want and sometimes longer. Facilitation is an approach and a useful craft that can be learned. And the more you practice, the more skilled you become. At Move, we are specialists in facilitation. Each week, we facilitate meetings for our clients and also offer courses and certifications on several levels.

Are you tired of meaningless or bad meetings and curious about what facilitation can do for your meeting culture? Then Alexandra Thomas can help. She is responsible for the Facilitation area at Move. You can email her at alexandra@move.se or call her on +46 737 80 26 68.

*svenskamoten.se 2018