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A company's communication - and how well it works - is a key success factor.

Lack of communication costs Companies large sums each year. *

The ability to communicate is crucial for leaders, to build relationships with employees and making them feel involved and motivated. Something particularly important in times of change.

In a study of 500 companies in 10 European countries, it became clear that lack of communication in an organization was the biggest obstacle to successful change and that Swedish companies were the worst in the Nordic countries to communicate internally about strategic changes.

Move offers tailor-made training in all areas of communication, to support you in the change you want to achieve. It may involve, for example, educating leaders and/or employees in internal communication, presentation techniques, written communication, rhetoric or storytelling. Take the first step towards better communication in your organization by contacting Lars Leiram, who at Move is responsible for the Communication area. You can email him at lars@move.se or call him on + 46 733 601 718.

*SVD (2011-01-30)


Better leadership through concious storytelling

“The single best use of your time as a leader is to learn storytelling—and get really, really good at it.”

-Carmine Gallo, 2019

Man may have told stories for at least 50,000 years; among other things to entertain, teach, convey ideas and bring others along. And storytelling has not lost significance in our time. Rather, on the contrary. By telling stories with a message, you as a leader can, among other things, inspire, paint a vision, share experiences, define your company culture, convey values, explain who you are and what you believe in, and lead in change. Therefore, leaders consciously utilize storytelling in their leadership in organizations such as Microsoft, Google, Procter & Gamble, the World Bank and Nike

Storytelling and leadership

Why is storytelling so effective? It is not possible to order people to suddenly “love their job”, “be more creative”, “become more motivated” or “follow the safety rules.” That’s not how our brains work. But if you tell a story about a woman who violated the safety rules in a factory and became disabled, it has a much greater effect than having someone read the safety rules from cover to cover. A variety of scientific studies show that well-told stories with a built-in and clear point awaken emotions inside the recipient. It is even so that the brain of the recipient is synchronized with the brain of the transmitter of the story. As a receiver, we end up “inside the transmitter’s brain” and experience what he or she is experiencing – it is also clearly visible in a magnetic X-ray. The emotions that the story evokes in us are what trigger action; for example, to start acting safely in the workplace.

(See: Greg J. Stephens, Lauren J. Silbert, and Uri Hasson, PNAS, 2010.)

How you become a better storyteller

How should you think to become a better storyteller? Firstly; Feel free to use humor, but don’t make jokes. A good tip is anecdotes that contain unusual surprisesor where what happened led to an unexpected insight. Don’t tell at the expense of others. In other words, do not ridicule or discriminate against anyone else through a story. Your story should be true. But you don’t have to be the one who experienced what the story is about. Only you know the story and it communicates what you want to say. And if it is about a family member or co-worker then you should have checked with them in advance that it is ok that you tell the story. Your story must have a beginning, a middle and an end. And last, but perhaps most importantly, there should be a message/lessonin the story that your recipients can apply directly in their daily jobs.

How does Move use Everything DiSC®?

Today’s workplaces are very much based on collaboration. And not infrequently, people with different personalities, behavioral styles and ways of communicating should suddenly be able to collaborate and perform at the top. We are talking about individuals who may never have worked together before and barely even know each other. This may cause misunderstandings and conflicts. But even in groups where the members are acquainted with each other, it can make a big deal. We at Move tend to facilitate, among other things, for groups that are going to collaborate or already collaborate by starting a customer effort with everyone getting an Everything DiSC® profile.

What is Everything DiSC®?

Everything DiSC® is a behavioral and communication profile tool, which in some parts is based on a model developed by William M. Marston. Over the past 50 years, the tool has been developed in various stages and is based on large amounts of data and solid research. The current version (generation 3) is called Everything DiSC® and it was developed by John Wiley & Sons Inc. in the 2010s. It’s available in Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish (from 2013). The tool is adaptive and standardized for the language group it intends to measure. As far as we know, this is the only adaptive behavior and communication profile tool on the market. What does adaptive mean?

What is adaptive?

The fact that Everything DiSC® is adaptive means that you are not faced with forced choice but are given five choice options for each question and that your previous answers determine what the next question will be. That this is possible at all depends on the algorithm that lies and “counts” in the background to get a grip on all possible alternatives. And the tool is not based on just the four basic functions but the Everything-DiSC® model’s 12 behavioral styles, which represent a large variety of variations. This makes it possible to get a very large nuance in a profile.

Everything DiSC® provides an in-depth self-insight

Your result is presented in the form of an individualized profile that deepens your self-insight through the above 12 behavioral styles. You become aware of your preferences and your tendency to act in certain ways. And you learn to better relate to others and gain access to hands-on strategies that help you improve your interactions with your fellow human beings and ultimately your accomplishments as well.

Reliability and validity

If you want to know more about the tool’s reliability and validity, or its areas of application, please contact any of us at Move. We can guide you to whether Everything DiSC® is the tool you should use in a development effort. If you have questions that we cannot answer, we have close cooperation with Wiley and can refer you or find out the answer through them. We believe that Everything DiSC® is the instrument on the market that currently offers the greatest benefits in conversations about behavior and communication between individuals and in groups.

Want more good storytelling tips and become a better storyteller? Moves storytelling specialist Lars Leiram, consultant and co-founder of Move, gives you the theories, the right tools and coaches. You can reach Lars Leiram at lars@move.se and/or + 46 733 601 718.