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One of the most powerful tools for understanding oneself and making conscious choices is coaching. It gives you the opportunity to develop your way of thinking, being and learning.

Today’s employees want a coach more than a manager. *

In a large survey by the American analysis company Gallup, it became clear that only 14 percent of employees thought that the annual employee interviews inspired to be better in their job. Instead, the employees sought a more coaching approach from their managers.

But what is a coaching approach? The starting point is that the person who is coached is an expert on their needs and the coach’s role is to ask the right questions so that the coached finds his or her answers.

A coaching approach makes others grow and develop; become more self-conscious and secure, so that they dare to take steps they did not think about taking or daring to take before. As a coaching leader, you get more independent colleagues and time to lead and reach the goals.

According to the company Bersin & Associates (2009), the company, where the managers coach the employees on average, has 81 percent better business results than companies where no or little time is devoted to coaching.

At Move, we are certified coaches and offer the highest level and quality of coaching and coaching for leadership development.


Through CoachWalk Academy, we train, certify and coach you who want to certify you at different levels of coaching. Your supervisors are coaches who have the highest accreditation in the trade association ICF (International Coach Federation).

Are you interested in becoming a certified coach or learning more about coaching tutorials then you can read more and register here.

Curious about how coaching can help you and/or your organization reach higher? Then you are welcome to contact Charlotta Klacker, responsible for the Coaching area at Move. You can email her at charlotta@move.se or call her on +46 706 20 40 95.