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It’s often clear that something needs to change. The challenge lies in defining the "what" and the "how".

7 out of 10 times Organizational Change fail. *

Despite the gloomy statistics, it is not impossible to implement organizational change with good results.

Directly crucial for succeeding is that management and employees know where the Company is headed and is moving towards the goals with reasonable speed and with regard to the corporate culture.

Move supports your change process by strengthening your ability to make conscious choices, preserve what works and support leaders and employees.

In short; we develop your capacity to lead the change toward lasting results. When we finish our part in the process, the competence remains in your organization – an important success factor.

Do you want help with change and organizational development with lasting results? Then Karolin Kronander is there for you. She is responsible for the Change area at Move. You can email her at karolin@move.se or call her on +46 707 94 19 25.

*Beer, M. Nohria 2000