What did we want to do?

“We want to be even better at facilitating everyday requirements throughout the group: from teambuilding and management support to driving change, meeting formats and creating results. Our re-organization has resulted in a large number of new managers, management groups and teams. At the same time, a whole range of new concepts and processes must be rolled out and function effectively all the way down the line. In order to give our employees and managers a really good base from which to work, we decided to train the whole of HR in a facilitative approach and methods. And we chose Move to deliver this training because, unlike most other providers in Sweden, we know they’re good at facilitation.”

What did we do (in partnership with Move)?

“We had a strategy. And, together with Move, we agreed on a good format for achieving it, which included clear, informative training materials. We have now trained all HR personnel in Sweden and virtually all HR personnel in Europe and are now starting on Eurasia. To give you an example, we’ve just finished designing our new teambuilding concept, which HR will implement in its areas of the organization, and, to get the process started, we need a 2-hour webinar. Thanks to the facilitation training, HR can get started immediately – they have all the basic facilitation skills, so it’s easy to entrust them with new concepts and processes.”

What was the result?

“Our employees have been delighted with the training and have highlighted the following:

  • Professionalism: the trainers were brilliant at guiding participants, from set-up and approach to the practical exercises.
  • Learning through doing: the training provided inspiration, tools, and hands-on methods.
  • Useful in the workplace: everyone went home and the next day could do something differently
  • Impact: the training has been beneficial both for individual employees and for the organization as a whole. Everyone took something new away with them, whatever their background: new knowledge which gives HR more substance and self-confidence.
  • Teambuilding: we all work for the same company and face the same challenges – and we’re good at what we do! HR personnel also got to know each other, supported each other and shared experiences.

I feel the same in my role as a client. People learned a huge amount, grew as individuals and were confident in delivering. Now, when we entrust people with new concepts, their reaction is ‘That will be great!’. We’ve already had some feedback: ‘everything is going much more smoothly now’. We’re now at the leading edge of talent management, leadership development, and performance management, and we’re constantly working on development, renewal, and improvement. It’s amazing that our employees have taken on board new and valuable knowledge and gained new tools, which I’m sure they will now put into practice. An added bonus of the training is that our internal trainers are now even better at what they do.”

– Lotta Höjman, Learning and Leadership Development Manager, Group HR, TeliaSonera