What did we want to do?

“Skandia is one of Sweden’s biggest independent banking and insurance groups. Since the end of 2013, we have been wholly owned by our customers and are focused on what our customers want rather than on individual products. It’s important to us that all our managers understand the significance of this change and fully endorse it. We have high expectations of our managers and are therefore keen to support them by investing clearly in leadership. Our aim has been to create our own internal leadership initiatives, a common platform as a base, and, through internal initiatives, to indirectly create an internal network for our managers.”

What did we do (in partnership with Move)?

“We were looking for a close partnership with a supplier in which together we could create development initiatives for our managers. We found in Move a like-minded partner that had the same vision as us, i.e. that development works best in the context of everyday challenges and situations. Together with Move, we created the pedagogical foundation for many of our leadership initiatives, both longer programs and shorter, more targeted initiatives. Together, we also developed Skandia’s internal 360-degree feedback tool, which is designed to support managers’ development. The tool is based on Skandia’s manager profile, which reflects the qualities that we as a company want to see in our managers.”

What was the result?

“The partnership has been extremely valuable to us. We now have a clear platform, which gives managers the tools they need to manage in the way that we want and expect. So far, around 80 managers have completed one of the initiatives. Feedback has been really positive, not least thanks to Move’s committed and knowledgeable trainers, the open learning environment and the format of the training. Theory and discussion are combined with practical exercises, which are directly applicable to the participants’ day-to-day work. Those who took part also said that they really appreciated the opportunity to talk about real-life challenges and to get support from other managers. In our initiatives, we often mix managers from different business areas and with different levels of experience, which creates dynamic groups and allows people to share their experiences.

Quotes from participants include: “The learning team helps me so much in my day-to-day work”, “What amazing colleagues I have, and what a lot of experience there is within the company” and “I now have the confidence to do so much more”. Because the initiatives are internal, we also involve the managers’ own managers, which makes for a really good dialogue. In the long term, this will result in a common leadership language, which is one of the prerequisites for successfully making the change we need to make to really be a company that leads and manages in accordance with what is best for our customers.”

– Ann-Sofi Öhlén, head of leadership development, Skandia