What did we do in partnership with Move?

“Ericsson’s global leadership development program, Leadership Core Curriculum, is delivered by a number of partners but, in my view, the results of the training and the ‘journey’ itself are closely linked to the training delivered by Move’s team of trainers. I was on the program for ten months – it comprised a mixture of independent study, intensive workshops, and virtual classes. Throughout the course, we were really challenged, we received constructive personal feedback and we were given time to reflect. Move’s team of trainer’s complement each other extraordinarily well and the interaction between them is energizing. And not one single Powerpoint slide! Everything was perfectly prepared and flowed so well. The training sessions are more like ‘happenings’ – you just sit there with your eyes and ears wide open from early in the morning to late in the evening. Even the virtual classes are engaging. Whenever I hear someone talking about leadership issues I recommend them to go on this course!”

What was the result?

“What a journey I’ve been on! I’ve matured as a leader and reached a new level. For me, the course was a personal turning point, which has given me a whole new approach. The training helped me create a better team spirit and better individual meetings, and has given me an insight into how you make things happen. It’s a joy to see my team growing and developing through coaching, dialogue, and greater confidence. I’ve been on a number of leadership courses before, but this one has taken me to a completely new level and I’ve matured as a leader. It’s often difficult to tackle important things like feelings, feedback, relationships and listening, but if you do, you’ll be much stronger for it.”

– Ivo Kukavica, Head of HRIT & Solutions, Ericsson AB