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Almost one hundred percent of Move’s training courses are delivered internally on our clients’ premises – often as part of a major change or knowledge dissemination process. We also offer a handful of these programs as open courses because they are popular and work just as well for mixed groups.

Our open courses are somewhat exclusive; the groups are small, there are generally two trainers and the material is specially designed according to the participants’ background and make-up. The methodology is based on solutions-based and holistic learning. We believe in the power that exists in every individual – and in building on the strengths that already exist. The key pedagogical concepts are a long-term perspective, practical tasks in a secure environment, individual follow-up and reflection.

Sara Hjalmarsson coordinates our open courses at Move. When you contact Sara, she will direct you to the right course and the right person at Move to answer your queries. You can email her at or call her on +46 705 885 994.


Do you have an upcoming event, kickoff or an internal meeting and want the participants to be inspired, motivated and become more knowledgeable? Moves experienced and skilled consultants lecture, educate and hold workshops covering a variety of topics. And we dare to promise that our inspirers evoke enthusiasm and energy in the audience – with a long-lasting effect. Below are some of the topics we are happy to talk about. Most of them in also English. Contact us for prices and availability. Together we make your event into something extraordinary.


  • Change Management
  • Feedback
  • Health factors
  • Health-promoting Leadership/Salutogenic Leadership
  • High-performance Teams
  • Psychological Safety
  • Storytelling as a leadership tool
  • Sustainable Employeeship
  • Sustainable Leadership
  • Sustainable Work
Future courses