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For us, facilitation is about simplifying meetings and making them more effective in order to achieve the best possible results.

Facilitation is a key skill for anyone who works with people. It’s all about interaction, communication and trust – about creating openings that help groups to achieve their full potential.

At Move, we specialize in facilitation. We get groups to think cohesively and to think differently, whether it involves a long-term change project, a short project meeting, a management group meeting or a workshop with a specific objective. Facilitation enhances the group’s ability and motivation to arrive at its destination, and sometimes even move further than expected.

Facilitation is an approach and a skill that can be learned. It’s fun, and the more you practice, the better you get. Every week, we facilitate meetings for our clients, and we also offer training courses and certification at various levels.

Kalle Källman is responsible for Facilitation at Move. When you contact Kalle, he will listen to the background you give him and use it to identify your specific requirements.  You can email him at kalle@move.se or call him on +46 736 64 23 21.